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Epirsa: Soluciones Integrales para la Industria de las Telecomunicaciones y Electrónica
Connecteurs Coaxiaux
Large gamme de connecteurs coaxiaux de grande qualité pour les secteurs de télécommunication, locomotion, industrielle, electro-médecine et militaire, adaptée aux besoins spécifiques de nos clients.

1.0/2.3 DIN 47297

1.0.-2.3. DIN 42297 coaxial connectors are characterized by high mechanical and electrical stability and have been developed for applications in communications engineering: connector types with 50 Ω im...


1.6.-5.6 coaxial connectors are characterized by high mechanical and electrical stability, they are mainly used for reliable transmission of high bit-rates. 1.6.-5.6. connectors, IInd and IIIrd generations i...


SMP, Longwipe-SMP and Mini-SMP coaxial connector series are available with different locating devices, main application fields are as PCB connectors and in board-to-board connections.
Using adaptors, so-ca...


The extremely small FMC connector series – Flexible Microstrip Connectors – are designed for PCB applications in the tightest spaces. Using ‘bullets’, equalization of radial and axial mi...


MCX coaxial connectors, provided with a snap-on coupling mechanism, are mainly applied in RF cable connections up to 6 GHz, e.g. in fixed and wireless communication systems. MCX connectors are characterized ...


SMA coaxial connectors are high quality screw-on coupling connectors with defined maximum torque and feature high reliability, long service life, high mechanical stability and excellent electrical characteristi...


Characteristics and dimensions of QMA coaxial connectors are based on the SMA connector interface. QMA connectors are designed for applications up to 18 GHz, the quick-lock coupling mechanism enables fast, easy...


SMB coaxial connectors (50 Ω and 75 Ω):
Snap-on connectors for applications up to 4 GHz, even in tightest locations.
75 Ω-versions are similar to British Telecom standard BT 43

SMB (75 OHM), BT43 o SMZ

SMB (75 OHM) are similar to so called BT-43 which are according to British Telecom standard. They are also known as SMZ, but dimensions are not compatible at all with standard 50-Ohm SMB connectors.

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