Grounding Scanner, 7100.181.K

Wolfgang Warmbier

Ref.: 7100.181.K

Continuous bracelet grounding monitor with a 10 mm clasp Operation: 230 VAC power supply Signal: relay switched signal Test method: capacitive impedance measurement Test range: 1M ohm ...(100 pF + 2 MOhm) OK HI-Fail > 5 Mohm LO-Fail < 400 kohm
Corrugated cables

Coaxial cable 1/2"R, LDF4-50A


Ref.: LDF4-50A

1/2"R Cable - HELIAX® LDF4-50A, Corrugated copper coaxial cable, PE jacket (Halogen-free, non-flame retardant)
Multi-purpose communications rack with front glass door, perforated rear and accessible sides that allows a wide range of possibilities such as: Changes doors with openings from right to left or left to right without the need for tools for this purpose, Floor, ceiling, rear, top and bottom wiring entry for future cabling growth in stations or Data...
RJ45 magnetic

RJ45 Cable - Magnetic, L99-M0044-3260-C


Ref.: L99-M0044-3260-C

Assembled RJ45 Magnetic PoE+ cable with magnetically separable interface consisting of adapter cable and extension cable, 3260mm
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