RoPD Cable Assembled, C001-10-500-C
RoPD Cable Assembled, C001-10-500-C

RoPD Cable Assembled, C001-10-500-C



RoPD assembled cable, with female panel connector 4 holes up to 10A cable length 150mm (2X 1.0MM )+2X(2X0.35MM ), other free end



RoPD ® - Rosenberger power data connectors with magnetic self-docking mechanism are specifically designed for light electric vehicles (LEVs), including electric bicycles, electric scooters and pedelecs, as well as for UGVs and drones. Providing a fast and reliable magnetic connection, they are especially suitable for data communication and power transmission of voltages up to 60 V and current loads up to 40 A. Magnetic locking and precision self-docking capability prevent any Accidental or forced disconnection will damage the connector. or the LV. Additionally, the high-tolerance pin and socket design allows for a high number of mating cycles.

The RoPD ® connection system is ideal for many LEV connection applications, including battery switching and charging, where frequent connections and disconnections are required. The four data contacts and two power transmission pins make hot-pluggability unnecessary as the data contacts activate the next power connection. For added flexibility, the data contacts can be used as a BUS system with an additional supply voltage. RoPD ® system versions are also available for EnergyBus applications.

Magnetic self-coupling
Rosenberger has developed a locking system that offers a smart alternative to mechanical coupling connections. Self-mating magnetic connectors provide all common functions and are suitable for power and data transmission. Self-coupling works as follows: when the plug approaches the socket, it is attracted by the magnetic force and practically slides itself into the socket. This makes for efficient and comfortable handling and ensures a correct connection.

Break function
It is designed to break the connection in the event that the plug or cable is subjected to a sharp pulling force (intentional or unintentional). Avoids the risk of injury to the user and damage to connectors or devices. Deliberate removal of the cap is also quick and easy thanks to the break function.


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