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Braided cables (braided mesh)

RG type

RG223/U Cable


Coaxial cable RG223/U, 50 Ω, PVC jacket Black
Braided cables (braided mesh)

RTK400 coaxial cable (RG8)


Ref.: RTK400

Braided Braided Low Loss Flexible Coaxial Cable RG8 Type LMR400 CNT400 PE Jacket
RG type

RG316, RG316/U Coaxial Cable


Ref.: 3000031650

Universal coaxial cable that complies with MIL-C 17F Applications: instrumentation, laboratory use, antennas and radio, broadband communications, automotive... RG316 (sheath color: clear FEP) 50 Ω, Temperature range -65°C to +165°
Braided cables (braided mesh)

CNT-400AL-500 coaxial cable


Ref.: CNT-400AL-500M

Flexible low-loss coaxial cable, braided mesh, copper-plated aluminum center conductor, CNT400AL, PE jacket
Braided cables (braided mesh)

Coaxial cable CNT-240-FR-600


Ref.: CNT-240-FR-600

Flexible low loss coaxial cable, 50 Ohm, tinned copper braided mesh with 90% coverage, non-halogenated polyolefin flame retardant black jacket. Solid copper conductor wire and shielding with aluminum tape.
Braided cables (braided mesh)

RG58 MIL-C-17 Cable



50 Ω coaxial for radio frequency emission and reception. Cables made with polyethylene insulation, shielded with copper wire braid, and PVC cover. Manufactured according to MIL-C-17/28C standard.
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