Mobile Telephony. Materials for base Stations (SiSo).

Connectivity elements for the deployment of mobile telephone networks, both for radio frequency and for fiber optic communications (FTTA, Fiber-To-The-Antenna) and AC/DC power supply of the systems (PTTA, Power-To-The-Antenna). Gripping or fastening elements are also included. Distribution boxes for both signal and power wiring, advanced solutions using hybrid cables that allow sharing different purposes through the same trunk cables, thus simplifying the discreet laying of cables.

Optimized "Low PIM" solutions for operation with very low values of dynamic intermodulation. Where our coaxial jumpers take a central place. Solutions with 4.3-10, NEX10, or connectivity systems that allow for a higher density of connections in increasingly demanding space requirements such as MQ4, MQ5, or M-LOC connectors are therefore prioritized, particularly designed for 5G networks.

50Ohm corrugated coaxial cables to implement these networks and communicate the BTS with the antennas, characterized by low VSWR/RL, low attenuation, CPR marking, and operation with high power levels. Full range of cables from 1/4" to 1.5/8". We have a wide selection of elements for combining and filtering signals such as combiner filters, diplexers, triplexers, Bias Tee, DC-Blocks, etc...

Antennas used in this field are a particularly critical aspect and require a pioneering approach and constant commitment to research and development. Our antennas always come from leading market brands such as CommScope. Multibeam solutions, Omnidirectional, Beamforming, Sectoral, Small Cell, Trisectoral, For large venues such as stadiums,...

When the operator's networks do not reach to cover specific areas or geographical accidents or civil structures prevent proper distribution of the signal coverage, we need the use of telephone repeaters. Our solutions in this field allow us to adapt the type of repeater to the specific needs of the area to be covered by playing with parameters such as power, signal channeling, frequency selection, remote management... With all this, we provide solutions from small isolated office areas without coverage to large sports venues.


A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a group of antennas connected to the same signal source, distributing this signal to different zones in a branching architecture and thus covering an area that would not be covered with a single antenna. We distinguish between passive DAS and active DAS depending on whether it takes the signal from the open space and then distributes it (after an amplification stage) or whether the signal comes directly from the active equipment of the BTS.

This scenario is applicable, for example, in large venues with a high concentration of people and therefore subjected to stress due to traffic and capacity, but it is also very applicable in the interiors of infrastructures where the signal has difficulty penetrating (buildings, large infrastructures, tunnels,...).

At Epirsa, we approach wireless coverage projects with a highly professional approach based on the reputable CommScope brand. We participate in projects from a very early stage, being able to provide solutions from the design stage of the radio architecture, implementation, installation, and start-up.

A good understanding of the needs is critical for proper sizing and design of the network to be deployed. We can undertake from the simplest projects implemented based on a simple donor antenna and a simple antenna and passive network to give coverage to small offices where the signal is poor or nonexistent, to the use of small and medium gain repeaters for areas with greater requirements, to large-scale projects supported by systems such as CommScope's ERA® that allow managing a network from a Neutral Host or Neutral Operator perspective with an architecture that allows adding C-RAN capabilities

Data Center

We have a network of manufacturers with a recognized worldwide experience in fiber optic connectivity systems, wiring solutions and infrastructure services for data centers, local networks and industrial applications.

We have the capacity to act as a planner and consultant to face projects in a planned, certain and efficient way, whether they are modernization of the IT infrastructure, construction of a new data center, extension of an existing infrastructure or data center relocation. Covering from consulting, installation and maintenance.

Our staff can examine your IT applications, processes and structures as a WHOLE and work with you to define a future IT strategy.

At a physical level, we provide advanced solutions in fiber optic wiring, wiring for local area networks (LAN) and copper wiring, through PreCONNECT® solutions. We also provide discreet solutions such as fiber optic panels, patching location racks, wiring management systems, fiber optic connectors, patchcords, pre-assembled splice casettes, measurement accessories,...


As the Backhaul or return network is the backbone of wireless networks, the need for these networks to achieve high performance rates in the data they transport is increasing. With increasing network traffic, capacities are reaching their limits as well as the availability of spectrum, and interference problems in links are becoming more common. In this sense, CommScope's microwave antennas are a great help in increasing capacity and reliability in the transport of these data.

The catalogue of solutions we propose includes:

  • Microwave antennas for Point-to-Point links.
  • Oval waveguides.
  • Connectors for oval waveguides.
  • Tools for assembling oval waveguides.
  • Equipment and elements for pressurization.
  • Rectangular waveguides and flexible waveguides.
  • Accessories


We also offer a complete solution for transporting HDTV signals over optical fibre through our Rosenberger -Osi solution which offers in its Heavy-Duty1000 and Heavy Duty600 series hermaphrodite connections that combine fibre and power supply and are commonly used in :

  • Mobile TV units.
  • Stadiums requiring multipoint connections.
In radio and TV signal transport and distribution networks, we have a complete range of solutions that include Andrew® AIR Dielectric cables, which are indispensable when RF signals must be accompanied by high power demands.

Test and Measurement

Working with the reputable German manufacturer Rosenberger, we incorporate the most professional solutions in the market where requirements such as frequency, loss level, attenuation or intermodulation are particularly restrictive. Environments such as metrology laboratories, aerospace industry, universities but also field measurements of some of these parameters require reliable and precise solutions.

In addition, the alliance with Rosenberger allows us access to its calibration laboratory, which has DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle) accreditation and allows it to carry out calibrations according to DIN EN ISO 17025 (DAkkS).

We sell metrology kits such as calibration kits available in a wide range of coaxial connectorizations for vector network analyzers (VNAs), from DC to the highest possible frequencies.

Test ports and cables for VNAs.

Precision connectors and adapters (RPC-1.85mm, RPC-2.40mm, RPC-3.50mm, ...).

Custom-designed PCB connectors for industrial test applications, including connector series such as SMP, WSMP, Mini-SMP, SMA, QMA, SMB, MCX or Mini-Coax, or the most innovative series such as P-SMP, Longwipe-SMP, FMC or Micro-RF.

Multi-port connectors.

Telecommunication Systems

Wherever there is remote transmission and reception of signals, telecommunications equipment will be required and this equipment will most likely require connectivity. It is in this connectivity where we can contribute our bit, whether it is for satellite communication systems, military, aerospace, radar, nanotechnology, laboratories, RF equipment manufacturers or any other complex communications system.

The solution ranges from common connectors to adapters, panel connectors, PCB connectors, tools, accessories or custom assembled cables from DC to 110GHz, as well as power cables.

Private security networks. TETRA NETWORKS

In these times, security is a top priority, and the need to provide security or emergency bodies with a network that allows for secure and coordinated communication is now a requirement. EPIRSA offers amplification solutions for TETRA and TETRAPOL networks through the complete range of CommScope Andrew® repeaters, which allow for coverage of indoor buildings as well as ensuring network stability in demanding environments such as airports, tunnels, or subways.

We complete our offering with a complete range of omnidirectional, directional, and sectorized antennas in both X-POL and V-POL versions.

The list of passive components is completed with a carefully selected range of couplers, dividers, hybrid combiners, diplexers, and matrices with a bandwidth of 340-2700MHZ and PIM values of -160dBc @2X43dBm.


In an environment where the convergence of devices to Ethernet networks is unstoppable, it is necessary to have reliable and advanced solutions that allow the installation, maintenance and management of efficient, versatile, secure and scalable infrastructures.

At Epirsa, we provide advice, solutions and even integration of this type of architectures for the transmission of voice, data and video in countless situations that an enterprise environment may require.

The family of products necessarily combines more traditional copper cabling solutions (U/UTP, F/UTP, S/FTP) with all its accessories such as patch panels, RJ45 sockets, patch cords, cable guides, racks and enclosures, etc. .... As fibre optic transmission solutions.

We also have the necessary network electronics, switches with or without PoE power supply, UPS uninterruptible power supply systems, APs for WIFI networks, cameras and CCTV storage systems, etc,...


Industry in general requires connectivity systems that are robust, reliable, technologically advanced and durable. We offer a wide range of very diverse solutions for industry, automotive, defence, electro-medicine and robotics, including standardised solutions as well as customised developments:

  • IIoT
  • Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)
  • RoProxCon - Contactless Data and Power Transmission
  • RosenbergerHSD
  • RoPD
  • MagneticUSB
  • Fakra


With almost forty years of experience in the sector, we have a lot to say about the phenomenon of static electricity or electrostatic electricity and its problems in key sectors such as electronics, automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and others.

Prior to the commercialisation of these products designed to protect electrostatic sensitive elements, it is necessary to have a good understanding of how this phenomenon is generated, the damage it can cause and the measures for the prevention of this type of events. That is why we believe it is essential to emphasise the services we provide to our customers in this field, where we can highlight: consultancy, training and audits of installations and processes, according to the IEC61340-5-1 standard.

We have a complete range of products for electrostatic protection, ranging from workplace equipment, furniture, work clothes, packaging and storage, infrastructure products such as flooring, ionisers...

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