Design of mobile coverage systems in special environments where the operator's signal does not reach or where the requirements demand adapted solutions, such as office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, remote locations,...

The tasks include:

  • Initial capture of signal levels, and decoding of signals through engineering terminals.
  • Location of Base Stations, operators, cells and technologies using software tools and network analyzers.
  • Replanting for the deployment of infrastructure.
  • Radio design and simulation of models.
  • Preparation of CAPs and unifilars.
  • Network optimization.
  • Remote monitoring.


On-site audits to ensure the proper functioning of radio communication systems according to established standards or to capture complex measures in a dynamic environment for subsequent analysis through the reports we prepare.

  • Detection of Passive Intermodulation (PIM) in telephone networks. We have a fleet of portable PIM analyzers from the Rosenberger brand, which are the most advanced on the market, with interchangeable frequency filters, using two continuous wave transmitters according to IEC 62037-1 to resemble the reality of a BTS. Our experienced staff will help with the resolution of RSSI alerts, discriminating whether the source is due to interference or the presence of PIM, determining the origin of this PIM (internal or external) and thus helping with the resolution of incidents. It also serves as a preventive audit before a network goes into service, ensuring that the network is free of PIM.

  • Drive Test / Walk Test / Pinpointing Measurement Services. Through professional, state-of-the-art tools including 5G scanners, Qualipoc terminals, TEMS and analysis software, our teams perform network quality measurements (KPIs on voice calls, data transmission speed, video streaming, latency, cell mobility, etc.) that serve for the correct decision-making by the designer and/or network maintainer.


Through our infrastructure Due Diligence services, we analyze the status of a site from the starting documentation, its physical correspondence in situ, the general condition of the installation, the inventory elements that make it up, paying special attention to the wiring systems, active equipment, antennas with their corresponding azimuths, passive equipment, power equipment, floor prints and all the lifting elements that contain the CAP. Afterwards, reports and As Built documents are prepared with this information.


  • Execution of radio projects under special requirements, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Deployment of distributed antenna systems (DAS) in Telephony bands and in Security bands.
  • Installation and configuration of systems and equipment on private networks, operator integration.
  • Deployments of radiating systems in complex environments.
  • Spectral analysis.
  • Antenna mimicry.
  • Power leveling.
  • Design and manufacture of POIs (Point of Interface) for RF signals.


We offer our customers our PIM analysers in portable version also under the rental formula. This is a very flexible option given the scalability of this equipment, which consists of a base unit and different filters adaptable to the frequency bands to be measured.

In this way, CAPEX expenditure can be easily transferred to OPEX, which in a highly changing environment and in continuous technological evolution is key.

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