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Metriso® 3000 resistance meter (Instrument only).

Wolfgang Warmbier

Ref.: 7100.3000.G

Metriso 3000. ground and surface resistance tester (instrument only). • Valid for point-to-point resistance and for resistance of grounding measurements. • Integrated data register with USB communication port for data transmission (50,000 tested values). The supplied ETC Report Generating Software allows you to generate a complete document of the test...

Metriso B530 resistance meter (Instrument Only).

Wolfgang Warmbier

Ref.: 7100.B530.G

METRISO® B530 basic. instrument only. Digital resistance meter • Valid for Pto to Pto and ground resistance measurements • Voltage and current measurements • Ohmic Range: 1 mA ≤ I ≤ 1.3 mA • Voltage ranges: DC 10 volts,100 volts and 500 volts • Test Ranges: 1 Ohm to 9.99KOhm 1kOhm to 199GOhm • Powered by batteries • Complies with IEC 61340-4-1,...
METRISO® B530 basic measurement kit includes: Digital resistance meter Two model 870 probes with extension Model 45 handheld probe with connection cable Instructions in German, English and French Conductive suitcase adapted with pink dissipative foams. • Valid for Pto to Pto and ground resistance measurements • Voltage and current measurements •...

Resistance meter checker (SRM110, SRM200 and Metrisos).

Wolfgang Warmbier

Ref.: 7100.RM.VU

Resistance measurement equipment verification unit, SRM110, SRM200 and Metrisos. • Verification unit for quick resistance check before measuring. • Valid for Metriso 3000, Metriso B530, SRM110 and SRM200. Includes: • Verification unit • Calibration certificate (German/English)

SRM200 resistance meter (Instrument only).

Wolfgang Warmbier

Ref.: 7100.SRM110.A

Pocket surface resistance meter with LCD display. Includes conductive carrying case, grounding cable, USB cable, calibration certificate and software for reading and storing test data. • Range: 103 - 1012 Ohm • Voltage: open circuit with voltage of 100 V (automatic ignition above  1 MOhm) • Operation: batteries • Display: LCD-Display • Probes:...

SRM110 resistance meter (Instrument only).

Wolfgang Warmbier

Ref.: 7100.SRM200.K

Surface resistance meter, bracelets and grounding cords. Pocket size, lightweight, surface resistance meter. • Measurement range: 103 - 1012 Ohm • Measurement voltage: open circuit with voltage of 100 V • Operation: battery operated. • Screen: 12 LEDs • Tester: Crimped metal electrodes (possibility of connecting 2 external waves)

Temperature and relative humidity meter.

Wolfgang Warmbier

Ref.: 7100.TF530

Temperature and relative humidity meter. Digital thermometer-hygrometer, fast and accurate, for measuring temperature and humidity. • Functions Max. Min. Hold • Backlit screen • Auto power off • Head - 1/4 inch tripod • Measurement ranges: Temperature: -30...+70°C Humidity: 0...100% • Dimensions: 165 x 52 x 35 mm (L x W x H) • Weight: 115g...
Triangular probe for soil measurement according to UNE1081 standard. accessory for metriso2000. • Triple electrode according to EN1081 standard, for measuring ground resistance in relation to personnel safety. • For measuring surface, vertical and ground resistance according to EN 1081 standard. • Weight 500gr. • Rubber supports: Shore 50-70 IRHD •...

Probe-electrode for measuring ESD gloves.

Wolfgang Warmbier

Ref.: 7220.15

Electrode probe for measuring and checking ESD gloves. accessory for Metriso3000. For measuring the ground resistance of gloves and finger cots. • Pressure and constant area electrode. (CAFE) according to ANSI-ESDA STM 15.1 standard • Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 40 mm (L x W x H) • Weight: 460 gr.

Set of probes for measuring the surface resistance of materials.

Wolfgang Warmbier

Ref.: 7220.830.SET

Pressure electrode probe model 830, two contacts, circular and concentric. • Lightweight universal probe for ground resistance measurements, point-to-point measurements, surface resistances and volume resistance measurements. • Conductive rubber (R<5 Ohm) with silver particles • Circular shape – Concentric ring probe with magnetically...

Probes-tweezers for checking materials.

Wolfgang Warmbier

Ref.: 7220.832

Pair of probes with pressure clamp The model 832 clamp electrodes are designed for measuring resistance in elongated elements such as IC tubes. • For point-to-point, ground or volumetric measurements. • Contact surface of 6x8mm / 6x3mm • Conductive rubber tips R<5ohm • Banana connectors.

Precision Mini Probes Kit for Metriso.

Wolfgang Warmbier

Ref.: 7220.840.SET

Kit of precision miniprobes for Metriso. • Suitcase with small compartments for point-to-point resistance measurement elements • Conductive rubber electrodes • Spring-loaded mechanism for optimal contact • Removable head • Complies with IEC 61340-2-3 standard • Includes calibration certificate
Electrode for checking resistance, with weight and surface according to standard. • For ground resistance and point-to-point measurement • Point-to-point and point-to-ground resistance measurements. • Electrodes fitted with conductive silicone rubber. • ø 63.5mm • 2.27 Kg. weight. • Insulating handle complies with IEC 61340-4-1 standard IEC...
Double probe for measuring surfaces with Metriso. • For point-to-point and ground resistance measurement with a distance between electrodes of 30cm • Must be connected to a high resistance meter. • Conductive rubber (R < 5 Ohm) with silver particles • Weight 950 g • Dimensions: 385 x 85 x 70mm (L x W x H) • Contact rubber: Ø 63.5 mm • Includes...
Electrode for checking resistance, with weight and surface according to standard. • Probe for pt resistance measurements. to pt. now land • Conductive rubber termination with silver particles R < 5 ohm • Total resistance of the probe R < 100 ohm • Ø 63.5 mm • Weight 2.27Kg • Insulating handle • 4mm banana contact under the extendable handle...
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