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Telecommunication Systems

Braided cables (braided mesh)

RTK400 coaxial cable (RG8)


Ref.: RTK400

Braided Braided Low Loss Flexible Coaxial Cable RG8 Type LMR400 CNT400 PE Jacket
Braided cables (braided mesh)

CNT-400AL-500 coaxial cable


Ref.: CNT-400AL-500M

Flexible low-loss coaxial cable, braided mesh, copper-plated aluminum center conductor, CNT400AL, PE jacket

Female SMP connector, 19K101-103L5


Ref.: 19K101-103L5

Straight female SMP coaxial connector for RG 316-d cable, K 02252d, HF50 0.5/1.5LDY (ø3.1-50 Ohm), mounting type: Full Crimp
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