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Corrugated cables

Coaxial cable 7/8"R, AVA5-50FX


Ref.: AVA5-50FX

7/8"R Cable - AVA5-50FX, HELIAX® Andrew Virtual Air™, Corrugated copper coaxial cable, PE jacket (halogen free, non-flame retardant)
Braided cables (braided mesh)

Coaxial cable CNT-240-FR-600


Ref.: CNT-240-FR-600

Flexible low loss coaxial cable, 50 Ohm, tinned copper braided mesh with 90% coverage, non-halogenated polyolefin flame retardant black jacket. Solid copper conductor wire and shielding with aluminum tape.
Assembled cables

RET Teletilt AISG control cable, 3M, ATCB-B01-003


Ref.: ATCB-B01-003

RET control cable, connector A: DIN female 8-pin straight according to IEC 60130-9, connector B: DIN male 8-pin straight according to IEC 60130-9, AISG 1.1 // AISG 2.0 protocol. 3 meters
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